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The famous ring of Kerry!!!
The most beautiful drive- through mountains and rain-forests, waterfalls, reindeer, mountain goats, stunning national walks, rivers and lakes.. The world is our playground.. (Harley made me put that saying in here..)

IMG_4346 IMG_4210 IMG_4229 IMG_4231 IMG_4236 IMG_4243 IMG_4246 IMG_4247 IMG_4248 IMG_4251 IMG_4252 IMG_4259 IMG_4263 IMG_4265 IMG_4267 IMG_4270 IMG_4273 IMG_4284 IMG_4292 IMG_4294 IMG_4297 IMG_4299 IMG_4310The second hand boots are going strong!

IMG_4312 IMG_4313 IMG_4327 IMG_4340 IMG_4343 IMG_4347 IMG_4366


Found a great place to camp for the night in kilarney- a national park.. we couldn’t see what surrounded us at night, until we woke to find we were parked right next to a historical castle, beside it was a giant lake covered by a mist of fog. what a place to wake up! Tourists were arriving by horse and carriage- so lovely..

IMG_4124 IMG_4178 IMG_4182 IMG_4128 IMG_4130 IMG_4131 IMG_4136 IMG_4139 IMG_4144 IMG_4148 IMG_4152 IMG_4154 IMG_4160 IMG_4162 IMG_4164 IMG_4170 IMG_4176


The cliffs of Moher.
These cliffs were overwhelming! huge!- felt so odd that the next country across the sea from these cliffs is America! New York..
Many scenes from various movies have been filmed here.. being there you can understand why.. its glorious!

IMG_4117IMG_4113IMG_4029 IMG_4103 IMG_4109 IMG_4032 IMG_4042 IMG_4045 IMG_4053 IMG_4066 IMG_4078 IMG_4080 IMG_4084 IMG_4085 IMG_4086 IMG_4090 IMG_4091 IMG_4100 IMG_4102 IMG_4110


Galway- a lovely small town on the water- vibrant with Irish culture and street musicians- traditional Irish music..
we found a quiet cul-de-sac to park for the night- only to be woken up by a very angry old Irish man in the morning- yelling from his house that we weren’t allowed to park there.. haha..

IMG_3856 IMG_3858 IMG_3837 IMG_3841 IMG_3844 IMG_3845 IMG_3846 IMG_3850 IMG_3851 IMG_3852 IMG_3853 IMG_3854

IMG_5305.JPGsince free camp spots were scarce here we found a lovely little B&B where we served a traditional iIrish breakfast in the morning yum!



IMG_5296.JPGIMG_5292.JPGwatched a local rugby game.. Harley loved this activity.. locals were all so friendly..




Driving at 2:30am in the morning out of Belfast city to find somewhere to camp for the night was a bit hard.. luckily I found one which looked ok at night- we were given the best surprise when we woke up to this amazing view! best camp spot yet! it was virtually secluded- national park, right on the boarder between northern and southern Ireland.. stunning view!

IMG_3823 IMG_3821